DAY 2~ Animate!

Now…. It’s day 2… Our team and I go back to continue animating our video. 0.0

Muahahahahahahahahhahaha…. Time to do this~ I was told to redo some parts of the video of the animation because It looked not os nice… It was supossed to be a girl standing there… However, I drew it too incosistently and it looked like she was slowly turning into SOMETHING ELSE. (I KNOW IT”S A COOL EFFECT. *Like transforming* BUT SADLY, THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.) So, I was told to redoooooooooo. And so I did, but it was worth it. The video became nicer~ However, I was the slowest artist in the group.                 😦 *Sobs* No matter how fast I tried to draw…. *Sobs AGAIN*


SO. My scene had a little girl holding on a bear. THAT IS A TOY, NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ALIVE ARRRR. BUT… When I animated the video… THE BEAR LOOKED ALIVE! Not to mention, I’m not really good at drawing cute stuff, so the bear looked creepy… (The CONJURING) *DRAMATICE EFFECT MUSIC*

EVERONE in my team was commeting about it. THE BEAR. But I think it was still nice and all……

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