TUESDAY~~ (Day 2)


Today, a blogger, named mint(We call her Mint Jie Jie), came to our tent(workplace). She is assigned to 2 of the groups, my group and ‘Synch’. Mint Jie Jie is really nice and energetic~ So, When she came, we told her about our story! We got to know each other better and other stuff too~~~

We we playing with this creepy bear, that i’m supposed to draw,throwing it around and taking pictures with it~ WOOOOHOOOO >< It’s all on istagram and twitter! feel free to see, like, commet or whatever!!! Our hashtag is #ne8c09!!!!

Thank you for your support!

Here is Mint Jie Jie’s blog—-> http://mintleong.blogspot.sg/

Feel free to drop by and look! 😀


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