Hashtag: Day Eleven – 4 Days Left!

Awww! It’s already Day Eleven during the production period! This means that we only have 4 days left in the production T.T There’s only 1 thing, 2 say, 3 words, 4 you… NEmation I will miss you 😦

Anyway, I quick little update on what had happened today! So today we had an open house in the production tents – the Media, our teachers, family and friends were all invited and different points of the day to take a look at the product of our 2 weeks of hard work. So nonetheless we were proud to show them what we have done so far XD

There’s a picture of us with Carissa, a schoolmate of ours during the open-house! It was interesting pitching the idea of our story to people again after not doing it for so long!

And also, don’t forget the randomness that often occurs! Doge, much wow!

And yes, that IS a picture of a dog. Don’t judge our drawings man, they are abstract art. One of the kind and state of the art, if I say so myself!

For a quick update on our work, we have finished most of the backgrounds and we are going through multiple checks for our backgrounds with Mr Joshua (who is a surprisingly cool guy o.o) So that’s all for now!

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