Momento Mori: Open House Tomorrow!

It’s NEmation Open House tomorrow! Who’s coming?

We’re really looking forward to sharing what we’ve done to people other than the instructors, ourselves and our stuffed toys. I mean, yeah, we love all of the above (especially the second one heh heh) lots, but it’s nice to be able to share to others outside the circle.

Of course, we tidied up our tent really nicely on Friday night just for the occasion, so hopefully our effort won’t be wasted!

And everyone will then be able to admire JJ’s Loki/Hiddles-decorated desk, Clara’s k-pop (sorry I don’t really know who it is please don’t kill me) and my Sheldons! (Char doesn’t have anything yet because I didn’t get a proper reply as to what she wants printed, so I ended up not printing anything for her SORRY CHAR).

JJ's Hiddlessssssss


I liked this so I just printed and stuck it on my lamp. :D

Ms Elaine got some pictures too!

Ms Elaine got a little animated Loki burdened with Glorious Porpoise, and an Oreo globe to remind her that our tent constantly has food. :P

Yay, Open House tomorrow! Can’t wait! 😀

Stay tuned for more!

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