Momento Mori: When Time Flies

I was originally waiting for JJ’s comics about this incident to come out, but they never did, so ah well. It’s something that happened ages ago, during the one week selection, but it’s way too priceless for me to let go of, so here you go. I give you… The Great Watch Incident!

As you know, our story has something to do with a watch. Well, (big spoiler alert) at one part, we have to drop the watch.

When we had to pitch this idea to the judges, we all decided dropping an actual watch during the pitching would be such a fantastic idea. Thus off we went in search of someone who would be stupid kind enough to lend us their watch. And we did! Our kind teacher in charge, Mr James, lent us his watch and even gave us permission to drop it. (He claimed it was shockproof.)

So we skipped off, practising our pitch and dropping Mr James’ Fossil watch (and enjoying it). JJ was put in charge of dropping the watch. Originally we had safety precautions (ie me bending down and catching it) but with Mr James permission and assurance that the watch was shockproof, we just dropped it.

Time flies when you get to drop someone’s watch repeatedly with their permission.

Then, just before the actual thing, our Animagine instructor, Ms Weilin (who is the coolest person ever, I kid you not. We owe this place in Top Ten to her and everyone else who helped us), asked to see our pitch. We did the pitch as usual, and it went fine until…

“Oh cheese*.”

“What is it, J?”

“The watch…”

“[panicky] What about the watch?”

“It’s broken…”

Whoopsie daisy we just broke our teacher’s watch.

Oh, did we mention it was a gift from his girlfriend a few years back? (She’s his wife now, by the way.) Yeah, now you know.

Anyways, the show had to go on, so we stopped dropping the poor watch and moved on.

JJ was guilt-stricken, of course. She was the one who dropped the watch afterall. But after much consolation and an SMS to Mr James to soothe her conscience, we got on with it.

I suppose you want to know what happened to the watch.

Apparently, the numbers dropping off the watch face is a minor thing and Mr James had it fixed.

Ta da! Momento Mori, watching time fly from our hands (and onto the cold, hard ground) since 1999.

(Yes this is an awfully long post, have a cookie if you’ve managed to read it all the way!)

*”cheese” is a substitute word for words that might need censorship. (I like cheese, don’t judge! :P)

Stay tuned for more!

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