Update: We’ve been real busy

Hi!It’s Jie Lyn here, and Partta Kappa has been extremely busy so on behalf of Ryan, Veda and Kah Mun, sorry for our absence on the blog! :/

Week 2 has drained us so much, but we’re thankful for the #yolo experience we’ve had this entire week, staying till about 12am one of the days(hehe), celebrating Mr Wei Siong’s birthday with a pretty darn cool sushi cake, receiving a really thoughtful and sweet(literally!)little gift from Alpacalypse,lunch with our juniors from Dairy Products, hanging Big Bird from the ceiling(>:D), snacking on a heck load of candy and London Choco Roll, laughing our heads off with Mr Alvin….It’s  amazing how things like these can only happen here and with these people, and i’m incredibly grateful for this and having so much fun despite how pressurizing the process is. Joy, contentment, frustration, fear–all happening concurrently. I’m gonna miss NE8 so much 😥

One of the things that I ought to bring up would definitely be the exchange Veda and I had on Friday with an N.E.mation alumni, Fabian from Hungry Monsters of NE6. So it was Friday, the day we celebrated Mr Wei Siong’s birthday. Ryan had to leave early because he had Econs tuition, and Veda and I had loads to do because we were still so behind schedule. So we were working on one computer together, and Veda realized there was someone standing behind us observing and suddenly i heard “Is this your first time using this software?” and then I looked up and OBVIOUSLY i didn’t know who he was at first but we started talking and we found out that he was in NE6 and his team won. So immediately there was this twinkle in our eyes and we were like, :O 

We didn’t get a photo from Fabian, but we sure got some words of wisdom--I asked about the trip to America, and he did say it was great but afterwards he said

“For us it was really more about the experience. The trip was just a bonus.” *smiles* 

(and apparently they didn’t even campaign that much! :O )

:’) and BAM. It hit me that all this while we’ve been so fixated on social media, trying to be popular and getting more attention so as to up our chances of a larger fan base. Although i did say at the start of this whole experience that I’m looking forward to the process, i ended up getting carried away by the thought of the trip that possibly lies ahead if we get the most votes,and there wasn’t a balance, because i spent more time worrying about the number of likes we had on the Facebook top 10 apphttp://nemation.sg/facebook/ne8top10/team6/ [(LIKE US PLEASE! 😀 ) THANKS! :)] than being completely INTO the process of making our animation. Which is unfortunate because that’s letting your worries for the future screw your present up!We gotta live in the present! 

So Fabian’s words really inspired us both,and we’re glad that happened there and then because at least we’ve got one last week(one last chance!) to appreciate our time and experience at NE8 because it’s so priceless. Not that the trip to America isn’t, but let’s just live in the present for now 😉


So below’s a post i wrote on wednesday but got too tired to post it then, so here it is:

Hello Everyone!


Today is Wednesday, November 27!It’s the middle of week 2 of 3 which also means it’s mid production.Heh.

So we were supposed to have completed our all our scenes by today and have them ready to test out with the projector,but…yup you’ve guessed it.We didn’t manage to. Sigh. X(

In other news, Dr Jiajia and big bro made a special visit to the production site today!He’s adorable and big bro was fun and cool and all and our 15 minutes with them was pretty fun! Initially our instructor had the intention for us to have our scene completed and projected by his visit today so that he too could try out and be amused with the moving shadows,but that however didn’t happen so we came up with plan B like 5 minutes before he came to our tent.

Plan B was to take a picture of him and big bro against the green screen and put that into photoshop and basically manipulate it to make it silly.So this was what we came up with together:


Hehe big bro drew moustaches and beards for them at first and then Jia jia started scribbling on his face heehee he was so cute.

 We tried really hard to concentrate and finish our scenes today, and we’re almost done. Almost. Our goal:1.30pm tomorrow. ALL SCENES MUST BE DONE.

Another fun thing that happened today would be our encounter with Alvin(one of the instructors) and his hentai Woody. It was around 9pm and we were one of the last groups left,and Alvin cam walking into our tent, picked Woody up and next thing we saw:



So I’m writing this right now at 12.30am, 2 december 2013. Hehe. Gotta go get some sleep because tomorrow’s the start of a cray-cray week!But I’m looking forward to this final week and being with my team and all the other teams and of course, our amazing amazing amazing instructors. And open house is taking place tomorrow, so that’ll be fun 🙂 and Kah Mun’s gonna be back from Japan for the open house tomorrow(It’s at 7pm, and her flight will arrive around 6, so she’ll be coming here straight from the airport :))

Way to go Partta Kappa! 🙂 We’re gonna have a great last week of production, and we’re gonna make it out alive with no regrets! 😉

See you soon! 

-Jie Lyn

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