Day Nine: Just Say No

Hey all alligators! How’s life in the swamp?

HAHA okay so it’s Day Nine and there isn’t any special events that occurred in the morning or the afternoon. But we were definitely working our asses off to complete our animation. 

We went through the daily routines like a LITTLE fun here and there, work, eat , play, work and it drones on. However we finally got our break after dinner and we had two rounds of monopoly deal with Hashtag (which led to some teen drama….talk about that later).

Well you see in the entire group of Hashtag only Matthew knew how to play the game (ps which he isn’t very good in either). Why so, because which retard will waste of their ‘Just Say No’ card just for rent?! Haha. It’s difficult to describe but stay tuned to OUAS for that hilarious portion.

What adds on to the fun is that Ryan and Joshua (which we have decided to call Mr. Bean and his bear) does all the unexpected and almost won with a twist. Almost. But didn’t.

Now to the climax.


After we went home, we were informed of the shifting of Hashtag. We were told that they were switching tents. LIKE WHAT THEY ARE OUR ONLY FWENS.

SO Rachel and Denise had lots of comments and huge reactions, while Teresa and Gwyn just keeps saying that it may be a TROLL. And guess what. Gwyneth continues to blabber about how magical her scrub is in removing her henna.

._. Teresa doesn’t even know how to react to that. Good Job Gwyn!

So how the story eventually enfolds, you’ve gotta check out day ten’s blogpost!

We sincerely apologise for the lack of beautiful illustrations, so here’s a stupid joke to make up for it.

What’s a gaytor’s favorite clothing?  (ANS: Turtlenecks) And would you please excuse us while Barney needs to pee.

Before we gator-off, do all the necessities of follow us and subscribing and liking and you shall not be harmed by any alligators while basking in the swamp!

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