Day Eight: We Say Teresa Is A Pretty Smart Loser

Hey alligaytors! It’s already halfway through our 3-week production phase, surely daunting but still energetic! We tried to finish up spraying all the mini houses for our stop motion this morning, before our special guest came to visit! They were featured in the National Day video so they should be familiar to most of you. Dr. Jia Jia and Big Bro paid us a visit today!!! They came to shoot a new video featuring all 10 teams, with directors and photographers following them behind. They were really really hyperactive hahaha! Unfortunately, they didn’t have time for everything we’ve prepared for them so we only showed them the process of animating houses popping out from the game board. It was an experience for all of us even though only Gwyneth was featured in the video.

The funny thing is, when N.E.Mation! 8 posted a candid shot of Gwyneth, Dr. Jia Jia and Big Bro playing with the houses, it got OVER 400 LIKES INSTANTLY! Wow Gwyneth you’re such a celebrity man seriously! The average likes for all the photos posted were only 30+, and the most of the people who liked the photo HAVE NO MUTUAL FRIENDS WITH US. Still suspecting that it was a glitch though hahaha.

We had a group shot with them before Dr. Jia Jia left for McDonald’s since we’re all in our full school uniform. After that, we continued animating the remaining characters and scenes. Hopefully we would start out stop motion really soon!

Our blogger Ying Zi came to visit us for the second time! We were more comfortable with her this time as we showed her our updated OUAS episodes and chatted with her. She’s really nice! After that, she introduced to us an online Korean comic, Bong Chong Dong Ghost. We did get a warning though, but we read it anyway. (Mr Dickson said he threw his com away) And that smart loser Teresa, was hiding under the table the whole time while the rest of us watched. We’ll not reveal the whole comic, but let’s just say it was quite unexpected. Rachel screamed her lungs out (and fell to the ground) for every scary scene and got so paranoid she cried. Poor Rachel. ): Denise was the one scrolling the comic down. And….*neck cracking sound*…..*super loud screaming*.

We do hope we are able to upload their amazing reaction soon but meanwhile, check out our new episode of OUAS!

 After dinner, we continued to animate our scenes. There were so many changes we got so fed up already, but if it’s gonna increase our chances of going to USA, why not? We’re just hoping to finish all the animations as soon as possible and start on our stop motion!

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