Day Seven: Gone Cray

Mr Dickson was late. For 50 minutes. Yes 50. How irresponsible of our instructor. Hmph. Haha so we only started work at 8.50 as we headed to an open area for our first training to be professional spray artists! Spraying is illegal in NYP, we had to be really discreet about everything hehe. Shhhhhhhhh that’s a secret between you and me. *winks* Gwyneth unfortunately had her right eye looking like a tennis ball so she couldn’t make it today. One less manpower sigh, get well soon! Anyway, we carried lots of empty boxes and newspapers up and placed those small houses separately in them.


Firstly, we needed to spray a silver coat to make them opaque (oh-pa-que) before spraying their actual house colour. The houses are for our stop motion. We spent the whole morning doing that while Mr Dickson entertained us with his Ukelele skills. We taught him some really sick dance moves too! Don’t worry we’ll make him dance during the Wrap Up Party, that’s a promise.

After lunch, it was animation and animation all the way. Of course, we always try to find joy in the midst of the tough winds. Today is the day when we commences our own mini concert! Rachel was hogging the Ukelele like she owns it and strumming it really harshly. Poor Ukelele. Meanwhile, Teresa has been replaying Give Me Love for the past few days and it’s annoying the rest of us so much hahaha.

POTD: Prank of the Day! Swap. Yup, we swapped quite a lot of things belonging to the instructors. We placed different jackets onto different chairs, swapped both laptops outside our tent, swapped water bottles and made everyone really confused. Whoopsie doopsie!

POTD2: Prank of the Day 2!  We opened Sesame Street webpage on Mr Alvin’s computer and Barbie webpage on Mr Dickson’s. The videos they had were so gay it made Rachel a little insane. Her laughter is so distinct and loud.

By evening, our brains were literally fried. Denise was stuck at the chef, Rachel was stuck at the newspaper and Teresa redrew her flying money 8 times. Gwyneth we need you back! It’s tough being our instructor, especially Mr Dickson who killed millions of brain cells just to tolerate our random screams and stubborn minds.

That’s all we have for Day 7! Before we gaytor-off, do like and follow and subscribe to our accounts!


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