Day Ten: Teen Drama Crisis

Can you feel the love tonight?

The instructors certainly do.

As mentioned in the previous post, a certain teen drama is brought up about Hashtag switching tents. Well the details are confidential as we have to respect the privacy of blooming young love. But the results turned out rather….well.

Gwyneth and Teresa were right. A TROLL IT IS.

But the thing is they went all out and really made # switch tents [like for real] in the morning. Well instructors have lesser limitations right? So you can’t blame it on us. What was the reason given for Hashtag’s move? Noise level, violation of rule 23, blah.

But what was the main reason? Someone failed to buy coffee for Mr Dickson.

We proudly present you the awards we received:

Teresa’s reaction was so so, Gwyneth’s wasn’t here to join in the fun. But what’s successful was that Rachel and Denise totally fell for it.

GREAT JOB INSTRUCTORS, but heh, don’t think that’s the end.

And who’s the mastermind? We would guess it’s Mr El (MegaMind). 

Later that evening, we also celebrated Mr Wei Siong’s birthday. 

(He had a sushi cake, which surprised Ryan and Ben when they realized the sushi was edible) Did we just found a group bimbo?

And of course we started our stop mo by seeing up our beautiful game board designed by Ms Sara.

*Sigh* Time to get back to work! Um, no. Sleep actually. OKAY. That’s it for day ten ……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzZZZZzZZZZZZzZzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzZzZZZzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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