Hashtag: Day Twelve – Blue Screen of Troll :)

Hello again people of the earth! This is Team Hashtag with another blog! So today, we were finishing up most of our backgrounds which are not done yet as well as editing together the videos. Also, we got trolled today XD

What… blue screen of death… oh my god, did our work get deleted?! Just joking, it was a troll set-up by Mr Alvin himself. Some background behind this troll: Yesterday, Matthew and Joshua did not clear the trash and a suitable punishment was only deserving…

Yes… that’s Joshua on the floor! To quote Joshua: “OMG!OMG!MY WORK IS ALL GONE! *falls to the ground* THAT MEANS I HAVE TO REDO? *looks at Mr Alvin* NOOO!!!” Nonetheless, many laughs were shared later 😀 And some laughs were also shared with our awesome blogger, Collin (minutemansg) when we told him this story!

We are glad to have such an awesome blogger! He even bought us some Japanese snacks!

Random note: Creepy Picture Below!

What in the world…

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