Day Eleven: Open House

Finally, we’re starting stop mo properly! It’s definitely not as easy as it seems, so much precision is needed, the perfect job for a perfectionist like Teresa!

So today is Open House! We had to present our story over and over and over again(not that we’re complaining, but so much that we can already memorise the poem and recite it by heart anywhere, anytime), to the numerous visitors. The media and officials came earlier, about noon time, so we had to have an early lunch and rush back before they got here. This was rather nerve-wrecking, they are officials afterall.

The second session took place in the evening, this crowd was way bigger. It’s actually nice to see such supportive friends and family taking time off their busy Monday schedules to come visit us and listen to all our stories. And we also finally had a chance to pop around random tents and listen properly to their stories and their kinds of animations. Bottom line, Open House was a success!

All in all, though not a very productive day, it was indeed enjoyable since we got to take photos, share our ideas and even learn about what the other teams are doing(I honestly didn’t know what some teams were doing till today..). Not to mention, the free food that was leftover from the guests probably got cleared out pretty fast by the students on site, what can I say, we’re young, growing teenagers afterall!

And here is a photo of some *ahem* very evil instructors laughing at their colleagues’ plight:

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