Day Twelve: Dancing Queens

Talent. That’s what someone in our tent claims HE has. He’s got the moves and the groove, but he’s got loads more to improve and much more to prove cos we girls disapprove. Yeap, highlight of the day was at night, we danced and danced, like frogs… Why? Read on!

The day started normal, Gwyneth went to run, then Teresa joined in later for a bit of stretching. Starbucks-crazed Rachel helped us buy Starbucks as it was 1-for-1 🙂 We did some work and then proceeded with lunch.

After lunch, Rachel and Denise went off to spray houses, again. Under the super close supervision of Mr Joshua, Rachel and Denise finished all the spraying there had to be done and produced near-perfectly-sprayed house! Yipee! That marked the end of the Delta-sprayers.

Meanwhile in the tent, Teresa and Gwyneth were doing stop motion. It was rather painful, but totally worth it in the end. Through the stress and tiredness, Mr Dickson suddenly wanted to learn some ballet moves (to impress girls?) and as all so ‘fillial’ ‘children’, we taught him some moves. Well actually it was Teresa who taught him while Gwyneth joined in the dance lesson. It was hilarious to say the least. and that was just Part 1. Then we continued doing our work. We painfully had to move the cards bit by bit, calculate the frames and time, match the shots, arrange the deck, etc. Fortunately the product was fantastic!

When Denise and Rachel came back, we had dinner and after that we continued our work. Then, Part 2. It started off with Mr Dickson wanting to continue learning ballet and it all escalated from there. We got the lesson on tape and though it featured Mr Dickson alone, it was entertaining enough. And after that we went on continuing with our work, well we tried, we went back dancing instead, we tried out other dance moves as well, Rejecting, Spongebob, T-Step and loads more. We burnt a lot of calories for sure. And we got chased home as it was turning late. That sums up Day Twelve, and we’re left with only 3 more days of production 😦

Well heh she looks pretty dead^

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