Hashtag: Day Thirteen – Quick Update :3

Hey peeps! So today’s blog-post will be a very short update on our progress and life in the tents. So we finished almost everything and past most of the quality checks for our teared out backgrounds, and we are doing our final inspection tomorrow. So today, I will share with you some of the things we do!

Damn, Monopoly Deal is really fun. Really, really fun. And Joshua, is really, really bad at the game XD Also – foood! Who doesn’t like food…

I love food,
It is good,
No its great,
I would rate,
9/10 no 8.
What is food bested by?
Sleeping to a lullaby!

Yes, those are home-made brownies by Ryan and his mom. Feel jealous don’t ya, now? NEmation ftw.

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