All I did… was draw… And draw, and continue drawing…. (BWAUHAHAHAHAH)  It was seriously, just drawing. One moment you go out, its sunnuy, then, in another  moment, its dark. Just as if the day passed by in a flash… All my teammates said so too.

So you are problaby wondering what tiype of animation we are using? It is called rotoscoping. Using a programme called toonboom, draw frame by frame and it compiles it together. Allowing us to play it and see the animmation.

24 frames(Drawing) = 1 second

So, to get our clip(60 sec), without creadits, it is 57sec. So, 24×57.

That is around the amount of drawings we must do. 😛 SOOOO GOOD LUCK TO US!

BTW, just realized I am the slowest artist in the group. Oh now, I need to catch up with my work. TATA! TAHNK YOU FOR READING~

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