Second Last Day!!


Its the second last day and we are just starting to work on our social mediaaaaaa 😀

Okay, okay,  so last night Xin Pei createdan instagram account purely for n.e.mation and art stuff and when i viewed her profile on my phone and she had -1 followers. Yeah. We just burst out in laughter for the next five minutes. Download Screenshot_2013-12-04-20-06-54.png (116.1 KB)

Also, today i was scrolling through the other teams social media on twitter and noticed they had an account made for the tweeting they do related to nemation so my team and i are deciding if we should make one too. But since the production period is already ending, we were like should we should we should we? Then we just decided to do it since we can tweet about stuff till’ next years’s voting 😀

And here is our blog. Which is rarely updated since we are busy al the time and when any of us slacks, Xin Pei will nag. Even though blogging is not really slacking .___. I really think i sould apologize be apologizing just cause we dont update. *cries* Even i wish we had more interesting things to blog about. Rotoscoping is one a the few good places where its good to copy.

*cries* We’ll try to update more and blabber more fun stuff!

thanks for reading and we love you all *throws hearts*

For those who read this, thank you and please support us!!

— UnicornsAndRainbows


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