Hashtag: Day Fourteen and Fifteen – Party Time!

Hey guys! It’s a wrap, finally! The production week has finally came to an end (sadly T.T) and we had so much fun through the week and also at the wrap up party at the end of the week.

But before the wrap up party, we stayed up till 12+ at Matthew’s house to bake brownie cake for everyone (video of it will be up soon!)

Yum! Brownie chocolate cakes are pretty damn good. But, what can be better than…

Tiramisu cake! Baked specially for us by the Master himself, Master Chef Ryan!

So during the wrap up party we played many games! One of which was 1 frog. Basically, one had to say and keep track of the count 1 frog, jump in the water, 2 frog, 2 frog, jump in the water, jump in the water, etc. There was also a similar game called Hello Henry! And Matthew, was pretty bad at it, considering how many strikes/dots he had marking his failure XD 4 dots in the second round, must be a new highscore!

After that, we played some dance-off games where I personally showed my prowess on the dance floor (jk I was bad XD) It was pretty fun I guess.

Throughout the night, we talked and mingled with people and finally the party came to an end. Sadly. Sadly because the party ended and sadly because we needed to clean up T.T

Here’s a picture (above) of the massive clean up after the wrap party!

Team Hashtag had an awesome, awesome time throughout the production week, with many awesome instructors like Mr Alvin and Ms Hazel. We want to thank you so much for tolerating our nonsense (XD) and playing along with us for this past 3 weeks. Thanks for also providing much help and guidance to make this 3 weeks one of the most memorable in my life! Thanks to our awesome neighbours, the Delta-Gaytors for having such a blast with us through this weeks and making the production much more enjoyable.


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