Wrap party!

Hey everyone!This is Jie Lyn again! 😀

Alright so we’ve been absent on the blog for at least 5 days now(sorry..)But we can totally justify our absence!!AHHH

Essentially Week 3 of production was, as anticipated, absolutely nuts but also crazy fun. We’ll talk about the last week of production in the next post but right now I think it’s high time I talk about the wrap party yesterday while the memory’s still fresh in my head.

A wrap party is basically the party thrown to celebrate the completion of a project which in our case, would be the completion of our animated clips(not entirely, because it still needs to be sent for post-production).

The party started around 5.30/6-ish, and we made our way to the main hall only to be greeted by a gigantic pile of BALLOONS!!I love balloons! 😀

Here’s a group selfie. We were seated together with our juniors from team Dairy products–Ian, Caleb, Beatrice and Dewei. Ryan then decided to leave early,so we hung out mostly with our juniors and with each other.

We were all handed party poppers(I got the huge bada*s one >:D) and popped them towards the pile of balloons, and some confetti got stuck in the ceiling.SO that was funny.

^Group pic with Dairy Products and our instructor Ms Jamie.That’s me on the extreme left with the big party popper.

We then had a group yum-seng–for all our hard work, our instructors, and for next year’s voting phase to be awesome.With non-alcoholic sparkling juice of course. Really enjoyed trying to hold my breath with the ‘YUUUUUUUUUM’ and it was  hilarious how some of our instructors were just screaming their heads off.



After that was group party games. With Mr Joshua as our game master, we engaged in 2 really fun party games, of which one involved the forfeit of having toothpaste on our faces. Veda and I got toothpaste-ed.



^All the people who got toothpaste-ed.


Next was dance central!We all headed over to the green/blue screen cum Partta Kappa’s projection room, which has been converted to a DANCE FLOOR!We had dance battles, and all teams had to send one rep up. I volunteered(I found my hidden talent in dance games through JUST DANCE 4,just sayin hehe)and Mr Alvin drew lots, so it was PARTTA KAPPA VS DAIRY PRODUCTS!It was a dance battle between the 2 SOTA teams! Dewei and I danced to Poker Face by Lady Gaga,and here are the results: ( I WON! :D)

So all the teams battled it out, and we also had some of the bloggers(Our blogger Karen wasn’t there because she had personal stuff to attend to ): ) and instructors to battle. Watching Mr El and Mr Joshua dance was really entertaining. They were totally werkin it. 

So the dance battles were done, and after that was free and easy. We were allowed to do whatever we wanted, be it play rock band in the main hall or continue with dance central. But Veda, Kah Mun and I had other plans…>:)

I love balloons, so obviously before the night ended I wanted to have some fun with the balloons. So I started picking up balloons and went all ‘LET’S PLAY TRY-TO-GET-THE-MOST-BALLOONS’ and at first only Dewei joined me but after that the rest did too! 🙂 Here are more pictures:


So after that was done, it was time for the special surprise i planned. I had portraits of Hayao Miyazaki, John Lasseter and Bleu(our mascot) printed and cut out, so i taped John Lasseter’s face on mine, and got Kah Mun and Veda to lead me out (I couldn’t see through the mask). They put my jacket over my head and i walked out in it, giving out cards we made to the instructors.We had Mr Joshua’s reaction filmed and that’ll be posted on out youtube channel(the link below!) soon. I quit after that because it got super tiring so Veda took over with Miyazaki’s face and we gave Mr El his card. The whole thing was just..plain hilarious.

It was an awesome night, but we had to clean up after.And that was fun too.Especially when we had to use a vacuum cleaner vertically to suck all the confetti we got in the ceiling out. 


Most people left after the clean up, but we stayed to talk to the instructors..and spammed selfies with them.

We also had a long talk with Mr El and Mr Joshua(separately) about the animation industry, since Veda, Ryan and I are really hoping to be part of it in future. I must say their words really gave me a lot to think about. A lot.

Also before we left we put some PARTTA KAPPA HORNS on Ms Jamie’s computer…>:)


So that my friends, marks the end of production for N.E.mation! 8. We’ve had an absolutely incredible, priceless and inspiring journey with amazing people. It’s most definitely an experience I will never forget, and everything I’ve learnt from tangible software knowledge to intangible life lessons from different people is affirmation for the fact that all the struggles i’ve been through in this competition with my teammates, and all the sacrifices I’ve made just for this competition have been entirely worth it. I can’t wait to go further with the voting phase next year, and hopefully make it all the way to the grand prize of the trip to USA! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us throughout production,and we’re looking forward to your support next year! Stay tuned…We’ll be back soon! 🙂

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Thanks for reading, see you soon! 🙂

-Jie Lyn 😀




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