SAFRA Radio Interview!


Hey everyone! Production is finally over! It has been 3 tough weeks to go through, and I’m sure Jie Lyn has already shared with you what we went through during the last week of production through the recent blog posts.

So if you guys don’t already know, the winning clip for N.E.mation is determined by 50% voting and 50% judging. In order to help us garner more votes for our clip next year, one of the organisers of N.E.mation, Nexus, has made arrangements with Safra Radio to allow all Top 10 teams to do a recording on why people should vote for their own respective clips.


Waiting to go into the Recording Room.

 And so here we are, at Safra Radio station. It wasn’t easy getting here trust me. I had to take the train all the way to Telok Blangah and thereafter taking buses I’ve never taken in my life. I didn’t realize I passed my stop till later, when I was dropped off at an abandoned bus stop. You could only imagine the distance I had to walk back to the bus stop I was suppose to stop at. To make things worst, I didn’t even manage to reach the radio station. Google Maps brought me instead to the Safra club, which I was sure was much bigger than where I was. This is what happens when you use Google Maps, and have walked about 10 km at 9 a.m in the morning. Apparently I wasn’t alone, because Ryan appeared a few minutes after me at the club. Of course we didn’t know yet that we were in the wrong place, until we called Jie Lyn and Kah Mun. Apparently Ryan and I were one of the only ones who weren’t there. And so we used Google Maps again to find our way there. Another 10 km… (to me). Lucky for Ryan his dad drove him here. So he wasn’t as tired or frazzled as me :

In the end, we FINALLY reached the radio station, where we had to go through a serious of security checks. It’s like being at the airport, putting your bag through the machine and waiting for a security check. Just that you shouldn’t expect to walk into any aircrafts or appear in another country.


Kah Mun taking an impromptu nap while waiting.

 After arriving inside the recording studio, Mr Ryan (hah) briefed us on what to do and expect from the recording. Apparently, it was only suppose to last 10 seconds, and we had to tell people what our animation clip was about AND why they should vote for us. It was really difficult coming up with something to fit the time frame, especially since our animation concept was quite complex. We spent quite some time figuring out what and how to phrase everything, or as Ryan says, “dumb it down”.

In the end we finally managed to come up with something we all agreed to. To make it more interesting and something we could fully call our own, we made use of Ryan’s beatboxing skills and our favourite Partta Kappa phrase, “WOOHOO” (created by Ryan also) and incorporated it into our 10 second recording.


 Finally finished recording!


Ryan doing his victory dance (ft. our juniors – Beatrice and Ian from Dairy Products in the background)

 So please do be sure to tune into the radio station to hear us! The recording will be put into a “Call-for-vote” radio advertisement, and will be played on air on the radio station Power98 during the voting period next year (18 Jan 2014 – 15 Feb 2014).

We really appreciate all the support you’ve given us so far, and it would again greatly help if you could reach out to all your friends and family to support us as well!


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Thank you again so much for your support! We really really appreciate it! Here’s a little something for you guys drawn by Jie Lyn !

 Our mascot Bleu thanks you for your support!!


Our mascot Bleu drawn by Jie Lyn some time ago to send Kah Mun off to Japan!


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