Momento Mori: Wrap Day! (Pt. 2)

Part two of Wrap Day!

After the popping, we sat in this huge circle and played some Frog game and a Henry game. It’s those kinds of repeating, don’t-stumble games, and every person who stumbled in the Henry game got a blob of toothpaste on their face.

(We are proud to announce that Momento Mori was the only group in which totally no one has been toothpaste-d! *beams with pride*)

After that, we played a lot of Dance Central.

We had this big Dance Central tournament where they drew lots and when a team got drawn, they had to send one representative to dance.

JJ got chosen and guess what song she danced to. SEXY AND I KNOW IT! And can you believe it, it was St Nicks against St Nicks. That’s right, we went against Delta-gaytors! But it was super fun seeing everyone who got chosen/volunteered/saboed dance. JJ even won one of those huge fun-sized Mamee noodles! (Which she forgot to bring home silly girl.)

After that, we could play our own games, and there was Garage Band set up in the front and Raving Rabbids set up where Dance Central was, at the green screen.

We were the first group to start playing Raving Rabbids and we looked very silly playing it. But what we really wanted to play was Dance Central. So, we convinced Mr Alvin to set it up instead.

The immediate next thing we did was GET MS ELAINE TO DANCE. She danced against Mr Alvin and well, let’s just say Mr Alvin had much more practice. (The game set was his after all.)

It turned out everyone really just wanted to play Dance Central because a bunch of other people came in to play too. We kinda took charge of the control and everything.

So we played all the way till we had to stop. And that was pretty much it for us for the party. 🙂

After that, the cleaning up commenced, and we had to clean up all the streamers and food and balloon remnants. I say balloon remnants because some of us (ahem myself included heh heh) took the initiative (not to mention the joy) of popping all the balloons.

Do you know how many ways there are to pop a balloon? You can step on them, burst them with your bare hands (very hardcore), use your fingernails, bite them (no one did that though), or you could use your name tag (that’s what I did).

By the time we finished cleaning up, it was already almost midnight! (I literally caught the last train home!)

It was super tiring, but also really, really, REALLY FUN! 😀

Stay tuned for more!

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