Day Thirteen: It’s Out With the Old, In With the New

HEYY ALL! It’s prolly super duper trouper late. Like we know this posts should be done last week but……Heheheh you know. We are kinda busy and all that. SO here’s day 13’s blogpost!

Meh. Today was kinda slack in the morning. Usuals, until we got to mess a lil’ with Teresa’s Macbook! ‘Photobooth’ was the word.

Now let’s do a short app recommendation. Photobooth is a must get as you get to do lots of fatabulously cool tricks with different photos as your background. It’s especially recommended to all alligaytors as it totally fulfills our middle name “gay”.

We also decide to reminisce our old self and be happy about how we got a little cooler than before 🙂

Off with the specs.

Aiya still the same

sama sama.

less chubbier, no? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Okay that’s enough of faces for the day! Let’s move on to fooooooood. So after working for hmmmmm quite long, we’ve decided to order some pizzas. Well, only to shockingly *ahem* find out that Ben can’t even conduct a simple task of ordering pizzas. WHAT. The task then landed on Denise and Rachel. Who also took a while to decide on the flavor.

Okay okay let’s not whine, as long as there’s food right?

Then it’s work again, when would work ever end?

BUT like we’ve said earlier, what’s fun without us? If you followed us on Instagram (@deltagaytors) you would have seen that we’ve posted a advertisement on our daily dance classes!

Come on down for daily dance classes at NYP from 830pm-930pm! Lessons include…rejecting, dipping, jerking, dougie, bear-let and many many more!

Okay that should be it for Day Thirteen. *Sigh* We all had a good work out!

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