Momento Mori: Radio Interview

Guess where we went on 10th Dec.

Yep, you must have heard. We went to Safra Radio to do our radio recording!

The day started with JJ and I getting a ride from Char because we were totally clueless as to how to get there. (Thank you, Char’s mom!) When we got there, we had to got through the whole scanning bags and metal detector stuff etc etc… you know, like the kind in the airport. Yep, high security stuff.

Clara was coming on her own because her mom wanted to send her here. Unfortunately, due to some timing issues, they left late so we ended up being the last group that day. 😦

It’s okay though, we got to watch some people come in and go out and it was all pretty cool. 🙂

They gave us these small yellow stickers and let us in through a little gate. Then we went into this nice building, and next thing we knew, we were at the radio station (it’s a radio station, right? Yes, I shall assume so.)

Long story made short, we went there, thought up of a 10-second little thing and got JJ to read it. I thought it sounded pretty good. 🙂

After that, we took a picture in front of the logo (I was so surprised we could actually take photos!).

You'd have seen this before. We've used it as quite a few profile pics on social media before! :)

It was fun going to Safra Radio. High security building and all, it was a real eye-opener. 🙂

The recording should be aired sometime next year in Jan or Feb, so do listen out for us!

That’s it from me. Phoebe, over and out!

Stay tuned for more!

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