Day Fourteen: One Day More!


(okay this sound so weird because it’s like WHAT, 16 December and this should be done 11 days ago)

Production is coming to an end 😦

The day started off with some Les Misérables videos and “wows” about colm wilkinson and lea salonga’s AMAZING vocals.

And since today was considered the last “working day”, we kinda worked extra hard…? So we basically spent the entire day (most) animating the final scene! It was also Rachel’s first attempt at animating the houses ;p Well……it…didn’t went smoothly as hoped. We re-animated the scene for a few time because either the cushion moved or the lighting changed too much and the focus was wrong 😦

And guess what, we worked till 11.16pm (for the first time).

But nonetheless, we always get our fair share of fun. Don’t we? We very fortunately got to try out the kinect games set up for tomorrow’s celebration. Annnnnnnddd we did quite well for ‘Wake Me When September Ends’ on Rock Band? Hehehehe okay this is getting awkward…

Mmmmmmm that’s should be all for today! And before you click away, check out episode 8 of OUAS!

BYE! OH AND FOLLOW US, LIKE US  (yeah yeah you should know where!)

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