Momento Mori: Not My Division

I dug really deep into my memory for this little nugget.

It was back when we were still thinking of ideas to get into Top 100. We could submit three story ideas, so we were working hard trying to think of three good ones.

The first one was the watch one, which we though was pretty solid, but we wanted to try our best, and submitting three stories would give us a better chance of getting in.

Our second one (which I can’t remember anymore) was pretty good too (to us, anyway), and we took a lot of time to think it through. In fact, it even past the word limit, so we used a lot of time trying to shorten it without taking out too much of the story.

So when we came to the last one, we were pretty much out of brain juice.

Then we suddenly remembered one of our possible group names: Not My Division.

Ten minutes and a Google Document later, we had a whole poem using the phrase Not My Division as the theme. We thought it was okay, but probably wouldn’t get us in.

We were counting on our first two ideas to get us into Top 100.

Well, guess what. They chose our first idea (no surprise)… AND OUR LAST ONE.

The powers that be chose the last one, which in my opinion was mostly random rambling.

We all joked that they probably just saw the tagline (“It’s not my division, but OUR division.”) and decided to choose it. Otherwise, we have no idea why they would have chosen that one.

Of course, we felt like the second one not being chosen was such a waste, but oh well.

Maybe I’ll post the actual poem next time, if I can find it. 🙂

Stay tuned for more!

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