Day Fifteen: Cheers to the beginning!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! No matter how wonderful (definitely) or boring 2013 is for you guys, the next chapter is definitely something to look forward too. Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? (: Because this day is so special, we decided to push back our blog post to the new year!!! (not really, just that we’re born lazy and forgot to update haha) We’re left with the last few hours to touch up and improve on our animations, but it seems like we were singing our hearts out after lunch hahaha! Time passes so fast it felt like yesterday was just Day 1 of production. ): It seems like we made ourselves way too comfortable in our tents to realise. Before the real fun begins, Hashtag wanted to race with us, so we walked all the way to the track just to run 100m before rushing back again haha. 

OH by the way, Ryan (from hashtag) made Tiramisu and it was DELICIOUS. 


“Then the clock strikes 5.30 and everyone stopped work, hickery-dickery-dock!” When we came back from our run, there were many many balloons at the centre of the lounge. Apparently, someone was buried under the balloons and nobody realised, so we kinda got a shock haha! Everyone gathered around the balloons while Mr. Ellery invited every group to share their thoughts and and feelings regarding these 3 weeks of production. The alumni from past N.E.Mations were invited A standing ovation to all the teams for waking up early like we’re going to school and staying all the way ’til night time, it’s literally like we’re working full time haha. Each team gets a bottle of sparkling wine and a huge party popper to celebrate the completion of our animations.



 ps. Delia looks so bad here HAHHAHA

YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM SENG! (when the instructors did a toast to themselves, their faces were literally red, it was so funny hahahahaha)

Free flow of food and drinks for everyone hooray! After that was games time! We formed a huge circle and played the frog game and the henry game, it’s basically these 2 really confusing games that we have to pay close attention to, and for every mistake you make, toothpaste on your face! It’s best to have neighbours that are good at playing those games. Unfortunately, our neighbours aren’t very attentive haha. We kept stumbling on what to say and hence, Gwyneth was the only one that doesn’t have toothpaste on her face.

Next, time to club woooooohooooooooo! Haha just joking, we’re all underage c’mon. Everyone moved to the corner of the lounge for the dance battle. Time to put our daily night dance practices into good use. 😉 If you spotted those small LED lights on 5 people,  yup that’s Delta-gaytors and Mr Dickson with our ultra super cool earrings. 8) Thank you Mr Dickson for buying them for us! Anyway, every group had to send a representative out to dance when they are called through drawing lots. Of course, our funky-hair leader went up by popular demand. It was a battle between the St. Nicks groups (Momento Mori), both struggling with LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It. It was so hilarious, especially when Mr. EL and Mr. Wei Siong battled together. Don’t judge their workaholic appearance, their potentials are way more than that! HAHA. 

While we were dancing, the instructors have already set up Raving Rabbids and Rock Band at the centre of the lounge so we were given lots of free time to roam around and just chillax. We didn’t really bother playing the games so we were just at the centre finishing up Ryan’s yummy brownies (With Delia and Teresa disgustingly engulfing the whipped cream) and taking lots and lots of Polaroids, thanks to Denise’s generosity to provide lots of films. Ying Zi, our ambassador, also came to celebrate the night with us. (:



The night is still young, but sadly the fun ended at 10.30pm. Remember all the balloons and party confetti? Yup, we have to clear everything and leave the lounge as empty as possible. With so many people around, I guess it wasn’t that difficult right? Popping balloon time!!! Rachel, Denise and Gwyneth went around jumping on balloons and the bursting sound of each balloon actually satisfies them. They are actually quite dangerous people. O: Some had to vacuum the ceiling because apparently, the confetti got stuck up there. 

Cleaning DONE! And time to bid farewell to the 3 weeks of production and to everybody. We prepared gifts for Mr Dickson, Mr Alvin and Hashtag!





*cliche reflection time* So these 3 weeks have been an amazing experience for all four of us. Though we were quite playful and the least hardworking, we learnt a lot during these 3 weeks. Wrecking our brains to animate the characters using Toom Boom and redoing a short stop motion scene so many times were tough, but we’ve grown so much from it. We are really sorry if our pranks or beautiful voices irritated you while you’re doing your work hahaha. Thank you so much Mr Dickson for your guidance and tolerance, we’re really grateful to have you, 爹. :’) 

Cheers to a successful N.E.Mation! 8 production, new friendships made along the way, and only to the beginning of our journey. 17 more days to the start of public voting, c’mon alligaytors LET’S DO THIS. 

Before we gaytor-off, advertisement time!

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