Momento Mori: Clip Preview! :o

Today we went back down to NYP for the first time in forever (yes, Frozen reference). It feels like it’s been ages and ages since we roamed the hallways and looked for LTM-2 in Block M. We actually almost got lost.

When we finally reached LTM-2, we found that we were just on time. Okay, maybe ‘just on time’ is stretching it a bit. We weren’t the last group though. (Though the last group, Synch, did get a pretty good round of applause from the rest of us.)

We basically had a pretty short briefing on when and where and what we would be doing, and what would be happening on 18th Jan (Downtown Picnic, do come!). After that was the nerve-wrecking wait before they showed our clips.

Yep, our clips. They’re still in post-production as far as I know, but they’ll be out soon!

I won’t tell you about the clips so you can judge for yourself when it comes out!

Vote for us! 😀 #NE8C05

Stay tuned for more!

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