…well to be specific, it was yesterday but due to the downtown picnic,we were all dead tired when we got back…

so yes, it was a crazy day yesterday…talking to complete strangers can be tough and tiring.but enough about that for now …

here is how to vote!

method 1:

the nemation website! just follow the instructions there and vote! our code is C07 repeat C-Zero-Seven

method 2:

facebook-just go to the nemation facebook page! Again our code is C07

method 3:

the mobile nemation site! C07 again! hehehe

Lastly Method 4:

sms;this is the more complicated one…sms in this format:NE8(space)POS(space)(1st choice)(2nd choice)(3rd choice)(NRIC)(space)(full name) to 76677

eg:NE8 POS C07 C09 C010 S1234567A TANG SZE YONG

hopefully you guys do vote for us and we’ll talk about the downtown picnic tomorrow!Last thing, you can vote once for every method.

and this time with pictures! yays!

Till next time(tomorrow) we bid you adieu!

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