The 4 of Us II: Just Updating While We Can

Soooo… You heard about the launch right?

Our Clip is call Unsung Heroes if you have not heard about it!

We are from Tanglin Secondary School if you still do not know! 

We’ve been having NEmation withdrawal syndromes!!! Really wish there was a Ctrl+Z for our school work ..hais.. Sometimes we really thought there was a keyboard there and we ‘air’ typed CTRL+Z or CTRL+S. oops

Really miss being in Nanyang Poly in The Lounge, doing animation..Talking,eating..crying(We cried due to stress and laughter FYI)..and yea! I cannot believe I am going to say this but I really miss eating food in koufu with the koufu vouchers!

We miss our ‘room mates’ like Dairy products from SOTA, Synch from Kent Ridge…

We miss the 24/7 availability of food at the pantry!!!

We miss the door which always bully us because it says “PULL” but when we pull it does not work but instead work when we PUSH..–

And most of all!! WE MISS OUR INSTRUCTORS!! 


So anyways back to the topic!!!

On the launch day it was very scary because it was the first time we were going to speak to the public audience as in really directly to the public! Still, we managed to get pass it! Trust us when we say our teachers were super proud about us! Yep! Our teachers came! Some of our friends too! We really thank them for putting in that effort!~ 

If you want to know more about us go to our twitter, instagram and please do go watch our clip!!! 

Twitter: #NE8C08 

Xena :

Jia Yi:



Our Video:



SORRY!! We do not update here alot…so do check us out on twitter and instagram!!


PS: Though Jia Yi is missing, well you can go twitter and find her! 

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