Happy Chinese New Year! and some minor updates…

Happy lunar new year to all as we welcome the year of the horse! We’re back with an update!

The start of the lunar new year is tomorrow and we’re all feeling the festive atmosphere. However, this year is different for us. We won’t JUST be stuffing our face with chinese new year goodies,receiving red packets and interacting with our relatives(not saying we wont be doing those though, its important after all)We will be soliciting votes and increase our vote count!

Now,for something a bit more serious, we would like sincerely to thank all who had supported and voted for us, we are in the top 5 because of everyone’s votes! You guys are awesome and we cannot describe just how grateful we are.Keep those votes coming though! We still need everyone to help vote!

Lastly, keep an eye out on our instagram cause Jaren MIGHT be posting a drawing up to commemorate this festive season!

Till next time, this is team synch wishing everyone a happy lunar new year. Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

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