Momento Mori: Downtown Picnic Update!

Hey! Sorry for the late post! This is the down-low on the Downtown Picnic!

Downtown Picnic was super duper fun, and we got quite a few votes from it. Char had to leave before the picnic started because of some E.A.G.L.E.S. thing, but she came earlier to help with the set up.

J, Clara and I bugged invited all our friends We also kind of recruited those who came to help advertize us heh heh. Making use of manpower!

So we went off doing the whole trying to get votes thing. Counting that we’re all self-confessed anti-social people, I think we did a pretty good job. 🙂

Of course, things didn’t go that smoothly. I kind of sort of accidentally spilt a Han’s strawberry milkshake, and there was a lady who just stood at our booth for ages and watched every single video before proceeding to not vote for us. (Rude!) So there were ups and downs.

On the plus side, Ms Elaine came!

We’ve been missing our mommy Elaine, and she even brought her fiance (Charlie Atethechocolatefactory)! Took some pictures together. (Psssst by the way, there was Instaprint so YEAH I HAVE LOTS OF PRETTY PHOTOS NOW YO YEAHHHH!)

J had to leave for badminton training, then Clara went for ballet, so I wrapped up with the help of some other friends. 🙂

That’s pretty much it!

Remember to vote for us, kay? 🙂

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