Momento Mori: Not My Division (Poem)

This is was the poem we sent in that also helped get us into Top 100!


Singapore has come
A long way
Faced many tragedies
To be what we are today.
Though we are small
And come from different walks of life,
Our rich diversity
Makes us one of a kind.

The food we eat,
The languages we speak,
The cultures we know and love.
The people we meet,
The things we seek,
Singapore will always be enough.

Through the years,
After many tears,
Through the ups and downs.
Disputes were solved,
Harmony came
Because we refused to frown.

So its not my division, you say?
It’s not my part to play?
But it’s my decision to help
That makes everything okay.

Because it’s not my division
Nor your division
Not his division
Nor their division.

This is OUR division and
We all have a part to play.

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