Momento Mori: Support Us Please! C05

Please, please, please help support us by voting for us! We really do want to go to USA. Plus, we put a whole lot of effort into the video, just like everyone else, and we pray and hope and wish that it’ll be rewarded!

We’re currently not in the Top 5 as of now. 😦 Your vote can help us get there! All you have to do is press that little checkbox next to our video.

We really hope you liked our video!

Also, my many thanks to the people who have been reading my blogposts! I know I get kind of long-winded sometimes (all the time), and I’m just a random person writing all these random words. So thank you so much for sharing in this NEmation journey with us!

Voting ends on 15th Feb, meaning that NEmation! 8 is quickly coming to an end…

We couldn’t have gotten here without all the help, support and TLC from our instructors and friends and YOU!

So, this is the last stretch. WE CAN DO THIS!

Help spread the word! Tell all your relatives to vote for us when you go CNY visiting, yeah? ;P

Vote for us!

Online at
Mobile at

On the Facebook App

Or via SMS: Via SMS to 76677
NE8 {space} WEB {1st choice} {2nd choice} {3rd choice} {NRIC} {FULL NAME}
(E.g. NE8 DP C05 C01 C08 S1234567A TAN MEI LAN)


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