Delta-gaytors: Stars and Stripes


SASSY SWEG MUCH, gaytors wish you a good year ahead and all that cliché greetings. What we really want to do is thank everyone who were either a supporter or who journeyed with us during the entire NE process. Well, may your sweet dreams come true, and may ours. 

Every team wants to be in ‘Stars and Stripes’, that you know. We are not gonna say “We really want to go to USA” because there isn’t a way to express it to make us sound that we want it more than the others. How badly we want ‘Stars and Stripes’ is how much they want it too. But for us, the Smile comes whenever someone praises our work or shows appreciation. Like you may have heard, it is not the best, but our very best. 


Results will be out on 20 February! AHHHH.

May the votes be ever in our favor 😛



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