Momento Mori: Help Get Us To Top 5?

Happy CNY! Hope everyone’s having fun eating yummy food and getting ang paos!

CNY’s going well for us, except the fact that we’re not in top 5 kind of puts a damper on everything. Sooooooo… could you pretty, pretty, pretty please help by voting for us, C05 MOMENTO MORI, and get everyone you know to vote for us too! πŸ™‚ Spread the word!

Vote for us!

Online at <a href="
Mobile at <a href=

On the Facebook App

Or via SMS: Via SMS to 76677
NE8 {space} DP {1st choice} {2nd choice} {3rd choice} {NRIC} {FULL NAME}
(E.g. NE8 DP C05 C01 C08 S1234567A TAN MEI LAN)


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