Momento Mori: Flying Blind

It’s going to be the last week for voting! Wow, how time flies!

Exams are around the corner for us St Nicks girls, but we’re still working hard trying to get votes. Next week (aka the days after tomorrow) is the last week of voting, which means they won’t be showing the Top 5 Teams As Of Now anymore. We’ll basically be flying blind and hoping for the best.

The awards ceremony’s going to be on 20th Feb, which is actually during our exam period, so most of us are frantically studying.

I’d like to say that just being in the Top 10 is enough for me, but that’d kind of be a lie. Top 10 is an amazing feat, and an absolutely fantastic adventure of sorts, but I’m not exaggerating when I say I’d be downright devastated if we didn’t go to America. Seriously. I really, really, really hope we go! So. Back to getting votes!

The journey’s coming to an end, and that still makes me super sad. 😦 All these memories will always be held close to my heart though, ❤

So, remember to vote! 😀 Maybe I'll try to fit you in my luggage when we go to America. 😛

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