heyy! (hay) //its horse year after all happy belated or not-so-belated CNY!


sorry for not updating in aeons but NOW WE ARE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER.

we know we haven’t been updating our blog posts 😛 but we have been updating our social media now and then like Instagram and Twitter. so if you wanna check out the small updates on recent events? do check us out @Alpaaaacalypse on both platforms! ^^ 


SO, as you all know the voting period has started! woots!

WHICH also means our video is completed and out!!! :DD

*plays dramatic music*

it’s been a long and crazy journey at NEmation! 8 but here’s the part of this journey where we can’t do much, instead, we need YOU to play a part (<<<< see that tiny pun there, yes the puns are back too) and vote for us! Not just that, since you have 3 votes for EACH platform, we suggest you support #NE8C03 Delta-Gaytors and #NE8C05 Momento Mori! I mean, we can’t see any reason why not.

we have come far, from sending in our ideas, to pitching, to refining our story and of course, PRODUCTION. much further than we all have ever expected, definitely. now, we are at the last stretch of our journey and we need YOUR help! it won’t take long, but it goes a long way! Every votes counts, and you have FOUR!

let us explain:


1) you could vote @ – the very homepage of the website you are at right now, reading this post!!


2) you could vote on FACEBOOK by logging in, liking the NEmation facebook page and heading over to the Top 10 Voting App to vote!


3) you could head over to the mobile website to vote! its the same as 1) but as the method’s name states, it is to be done on your mobiles!


4) lastly, also on your mobile you could vote by sending in a text!

more details on how to vote? just head over to to check it out!! 😉

OR of course, these information can be found on FB, electronic posters near MRT Stations and in Teenage Magazine like this:

 View image on Twitter

we would really appreciate your efforts!! ((because you play a part))

but at the end of the day, what we really hope is for all of you to enjoy the short animation clip we have worked hard to make, and of course, not to forget, our original song!! 🙂

that’s all folks for now!! KEEP VOTING!

“here’s a paca, there’s a paca, paca paca duck!”




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