Reframe, Don’t Refrain!

Hey Guys!

I know. It’s been an extremely long time since we last posted on our blog. But here we are now! If you guys have been following us, you should have known that our video, “Reframe, Don’t refrain!” is finally out! (duh, it’s the last week of voting alr…)

Vote for C02!!

Vote for C02!!

Hahaha! So what is our video about?

The main issue that our clip focuses on is dengue. Some might think that dengue is a small issue. However, don’t be fooled! Dengue fever is a prominent and personal issue especially to families who have been affected by this small yet dangerous insect. Two of our members’ closest kins had also suffered from dengue fever, which inspired us to work on it.

Reframe, Don’t Refrain? What does this mean?

Our clip is about reframing one’s perception / mindset and don’t refrain from helping others. Frames are used as metaphors of our personal boundaries and comfort zones. Sometimes, people tend to hesitate before helping someone. It’s not a spontaneous action. However, through our clip, it shows how it helpful and effective it is for us to just step out of our personal space to play a part in helping others, even through small ways or another.

Therefore, our clip shows that whether fighting dengue or tackling any other challenge, it helps when we step out of our comfort zones to play our part.

Therefore, let’s continue to play our part in helping others and preventing Dengue! >:I

PS: As stated earlier, this week is the last week for voting. Please remember to vote for Dairy Products, C02! We have a good story to tell!

This an interview with one of our actor, Winstar! Do watch it! Don’t forget to vote for us! ;D Thank you!

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