Delta-gaytors: The People Behind ‘Behind-the-Scenes’

Hello! It’s officially 5 days more to the end of voting. If you have yet to vote, do so now! πŸ˜€ We promise that it takes up less than 6 mins. You can do it while waiting for the water to boil, cooking an egg or while waiting for the lift!

Well before to get on to the actual focus of this post, here’s a fun fact of The Swampy Diaries: Did you know that the songs for each of our video reflect a lot on the genre of songs we each like listening to?

Anyway, back on track. The main purpose of this post is to thank the people behind ‘behind-the-scenes’. We didn’t have the chance to thank them in our swampy diaries 😦

Well you may already know that the people behind the scenes are our instructors and our parents (maybe!) haha.

But now we really want to express our appreciation towards Mr James and Ms Sara.

Thank you Mr James for managing the administrative work. And of course painfully tries to coordinate the Top 10 teams every season (Teresa knows it). Be it regularly updating the FB page for the teams these year, you also constantly encourage us to continue to ask for votes. Though we may not be very responsive at times, we truly honor everything you do to make our lives easier! You also tries your best to answer all our queries even when some of the questions were posted to you at late midnight :S We apologize for making things difficult for you by submitting our three quotes way behind the deadline!

And to Ms Sara, thank you so much for helping us design the “setting” for our clip. Your wonderfully designed game board was very impressive, and nonetheless brought another kind of “local taste” to our clip! We can hardly imagine the time you took to research on all the street names. The details you pay attention to is definitely commendable! Without your designed board, our clip will be incomplete! πŸ˜€


Well, that’s it for today! πŸ˜›

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