Just a little something :)

Hey everyone! Veda of Partta Kappa here 🙂 

So we know we  haven’t really been updating and posting about our voting process and what we’ve been doing these past few weeks, and it’s just really hard for us to find the time to sit down and write a good blog post to upload since we have a huge work load with us being in Year 5 this year. So… here’s just a few things we would like to say before voting closes tonight at 12 a.m 🙂

This journey has definitely been a new experience for all of us. From creating our story during pre-production, to really getting down to producing our animation clip and to going through this voting process, we have definitely learnt a lot. Of course, there were a few (a lot 😛 ) of hiccups along the way, but I think we should all be proud of ourselves as to how we managed to find ways to work around these obstacles. We understand and empathize with every team who has gone through this process with us, and I’m not only extremely proud of my team, but of every other team in this competition. I feel the animations all of us have produced together in this competition are worthy of being in the top 10, and it’s not just these animations that are worthy, but our working attitude throughout this process., and especially the creativity we have introduced to our society through our clips.

Before the viewing of the Top 5 teams was taken down at the start of this week, we were unfortunately pushed out of Top 5, which really gave us the push to garner as much support as possible. With us being within a smaller community compared to other schools, we definitely have to work 3 times as hard should we wish to have as much votes as possible. However, we do believe that people should only vote for us if they really like our clip, and if they truly think that it was worthy of winning first place. It was really tough on all of us to set aside time to garner votes, especially with our busy working schedules. And to be honest, we were quite depressed when we saw that we were pushed out of the Top 5, because even though we were doing our very best, it didn’t seem to be enough because the rest of the teams were also putting in 100% of their effort in order to clinch first place. I suppose the reason why this impacted us so much was not because we were no longer in the Top 5, it wasn’t because we were one more step away from first place, but it’s because we were one step away from an opportunity of a lifetime. All of us wish to pursue animation as a possible career (with the exception of film student Kah Mun 🙂 ), and this learning journey has definitely equipped us with the prior knowledge and experience we need to prepare us for the future. This is probably why this competition was so important to us, as we saw it as an opportunity to step into the animation studio that provided us with our childhood – Walt Disney Animation Studios, and to go behind the scenes into the working life in the States (with regards to this career). It was also an opportunity for us to perhaps step onto the campus of the university of our choice, and to see if the environment was beneficial to our learning, and whether it was the right university for us to further our study and exploration in animation.

I hope you will not take whatever I have said so far as an attempt to appeal to your sympathy to vote for us, but see it as how I genuinely feel about this competition and it’s process especially with voting closing soon. I’m really grateful to have been given this opportunity to participate in this competition, and to have been able to learn so much in this journey, and especially to my team. We have gone through so much together as a group, and I’m glad we’re finishing what we started together, and whether we win or lose, I just want to say that we are ALL winners by our own right. This applies to the rest of the teams in this competition! Thank you for being a part of our journey as well, and whatever happens this coming thursday, when the results are revealed, I hope we can all walk away with the knowledge that we ARE Winners 🙂 All the best to everyone, let’s end this competition on a good note! 🙂

~ Veda ~

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