N.E.mation! 9 Submission Deadline Extended!

Hello there everyone!

I am certain by now almost everyone would know that we have kicked off the ninth season of N.E.mation!, revolving around the Central Idea of Because We Believe.

The idea this year is further elaborated on this page here, so do check that out if you would like to better understand the direction of N.E.mation! 9.

Along the line of resources, if you do need some help and inspiration on how you can harness some good story ideas from the Central Theme this year, do give our Online Story Workshop a watch! Perhaps that could spark some thoughts and get you on the right track with your stories!

All that aside, we have also decided to extend this year’s submission deadline, by a week, to 22nd August 2014 so teams that are struggling to perfect their stories or teams that haven’t managed to rally the required amount of people in their team now have a little more time to do so!

Though 22nd August isn’t too far off, so hurry!

Register your team here if you haven’t, or Log In and finalise your story ideas if you are just short of that!

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