We are HigherThanYou from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School.
We are going to win this.
We are going to need an inflatable pool.


The only one who might actually be higher than you (physically):


ISABELLA. 15. Vampire. Doesn’t actually know Edward. Hates Twilight.

The most promising member of the group:


WEI TING. 15. Likes pink. Can actually use a tablet. Gotta go fast.

The most touching member of the group:


CRYSTAL. 16. LOVES black.  Needs human contact every 5 minutes.

The light of our lives:


(SUN) KAI LI. 15. Pun generator. Overflowing creativity. Weird.

P.S. If anyone would like to help sponsor us for the inflatable pool (and keep up with us on behind-the-scenes things), you can like our team on the N.E.mation! Facebook app, follow us on Instagram, as well as on Twitter! 🙂

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