wasd: Intro


We’re wasd from Commonwealth Secondary School.Honestly, we didn’t expect to  make it to the top 10. Ever. Kinda a pleasant surprise, since we were probably the one team that put in the least amount of effort during pitching. When the other teams were busy rehearsing their speeches and all that, we were the trio that were racing each other to see who could complete flash games in the shortest time. However, since we’re already here, might as well start putting in more effort than we did before we came here. Even after the Top 40 pitching we did not expect to come to Top 20 as we were still playing around. That was where we got the phrase. 

Hi, I’m Ethan.. the shortest guy in the group. 

I’m Niger. You can identify me as the guy on the extreme right. 

I’m the guy on the left side, Xun Yi. 

 Stay tuned for more updates!



Team Photo



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