Acrylics: Clarence ლ(´ڡ`ლ)










Hi, I am Clarence Lee Sheng ლ(´ڡ`ლ), Team leader of  Team Acrylics. I am the only Year 3 in my group 😛 and I am from the Cross Country CCA .  Like the members in our group, I am from the Raffles Photography and Arts Club (Short form RPAC). I have a deep passion for the Arts, being in the Art Elective programme, and I do spend some of my free time doing art. 


Self portrait when I was younger


Some fun art











One thing about the team and I is that we love RPAC and Art. However, out of school, I do like to make card buildings, but due to a lack of cards, my record was only 13 storeys of cards :P. I do enjoy interaction with people. (Even if I have to converse in chinese)  and thus I would be happy to reply to your comments XD.  (so comment more)

 I am excited to share with you our journey in the upcoming three weeks of production, but now, you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram for some more information of our group 😀

It would be great if you could further support us by liking our Facebook page and going to the NEmation9 Top 10 app to like our team XD 

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