IDK – first words


Using the skills of visual perception, it is obvious that our team name is IDK (I don’t know). This name was birthed one afternoon in a freezing-cold computer lab, with the threat of ‘you all can’t go home until you submit your story [for N.E.mation]’ looming over our heads. Regrettably, IDK does not stand for anything that might suggest enthusiasm, like imagination, dreams and knowledge.

No, it was made to be memorable, and mostly due to fact that none of our members seems to possess this trait called ‘creativity’.

We knew nothing about what the N.E.mation journey would entail, and came in with zero preparation, but we now know what this journey will look like, and we will hopefully end our journey with new animation skills.

Now, on to our team members.

Chelsia Low – the Dear Leader of IDK

Hobbies: movie marathons, binge tv-watching, reading (alot), not dying

Clarine See – perpetually hungry human

Hobbies: horizontal meditation (sleeping), reading, eating, eating, eating

Ong Zifang – really popular vegan human

Hobbies: patting stray cats, hanging out with friends and programming

Valeska Tan – stone-faced human

Hobbies: watching stuff and reading more stuff

We’ll be posting member intros ASAP! 

The team will be popping up on various social media platforms soon, so do keep an eye out for us! For most of our tweets, photos etc, we’ll include our team hashtag: #NE9C07

– IDK 

P.S. We hope you don’t mind crazy, because you’ll be in for a ride!!


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