Acrylics: Animagine Studio? :O

Three days ago, we visited the Animagine office for a briefing with our beloved instructors, Mr Jonathan and Ms Hazel. Right after school ended, we had our lunch and began our quest to their office. We took the MRT and alighted at Tai Seng, as advised by our trusty Google Maps. By then, we had exactly 14 minutes to cover the distance of the MRT station to the office compound. (which was a tasty 1.5 km away) With our filled stomachs, we half-ran half-brisk walked the route provided by Mr Google.

Somehow we made it without losing a limb while crossing the roads. Arriving at their ‘humble’ office a tad bit late, we were met with a daunting glass door… *cue dramatic music* We were invited for a seat in the conference room where the briefing began.


Photo time with Mr Jonathan and Ms Hazel! :DDD (FLUFFEH UNICORN)

Our instructors showed us the masterpiece they, together with some external help, managed to create out of the thingy idea we produced in September. A 1 minute clip based on our storyline with a rewritten *spoilers* song (it waS SO GOod) We could see the time and effort they had spent to help expand and improve on our story! We really appreciate their help and commitment! ❤ The briefing was really short as they filled us in with details regarding the upcoming photo shoot we have this Thursday. (also, we found out that we were the first out of the few groups to have a chance to visit the Animagine Studio itself. :P)  An hour or so and a couple of awkward silences later, we were released. (we also found out that we were ‘xiao’, as Ms Hazel would put it, for walking the entire distance from the MRT cos there was direct bus service. heh :p)



This really brought back memories during that one week during September (both sweet and bitter). We hope that the upcoming 3 weeks would be a fulfilling and fun an experience. Really can’t wait to get started on the animation! :OO We will be sharing more on the NEmation experience so stay tuned for more blog posts!  

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