Dawn of Production -7 days remain-

The image is correct as of time of writing. Not publishing. My team mates needed to look through it first. Sorry about that.

I’m pretty sure Ms Sara said something about having to make a blog post at least once a week so here I am. A day late. Oops.
Maybe she meant at least once a week during Production. Oh well, I may never know.

Anyway, we are all still alive and we’ll be going for the studio tour on Thursday. Hopefully we’ll be able to post some photos of our trip to the studio but if we can’t, you can expect a blog post on us raving about it somewhere on Friday! *cue Rebecca Black song*

Production begins next week and we are all very, very excited. Hooray for being cooped up in a tent for 3 weeks!!1!1 We’re all making the most out of this last week of holidays before Production starts, I mean we will have about three more weeks of holidays after Production but THEN THE DECEMBER HOLIDAYS WOULD BE VERY CLOSE TO OVER WHY THIS D:

Have a great day and stay safe! Don’t get conned by Jover Chew!

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