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And here’s the blog post on the studio tour, as well as some pictures!

Tiny Island Productions

Notice the island the coconut tree is on, it’s the shape of Singapore! Betcha didn’t know. It’s okay, we didn’t either.

We alighted at the Tanjong Pagar MRT station and didn’t get lost. We were told to assemble at the auditorium of Bestway Building, and from there we were split into two groups for the tour.

The studio was cool. Like really cool. Thankfully not any colder than NYP’s computer lab and lounge. There were so many computers and shelves and toys but it could fit 50+ people, amazing!!

Tiny Island Productions

One of the many framed pictures next to the entrance of the studio. This creature’s one of the baddies that Zane and Zoey, twins and protagonists of Dream Defenders (the TV series), fight.

We were told that Tiny Island has worked on Shelldon, Dream Defenders, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens, and G Fighters. Shelldon is a huge hit in Thailand apparently.

Tiny Island Productions

Zoey and Zane, twins and the protagonists. (Ben photobombed this shot, sorry about that.)

Dream Defenders was fully produced locally. It’s free to watch on Toggle.

...He's taller in the shows.

…He’s taller in the shows.

Tiny Island was approached by Cartoon Network to do a Ben 10 movie.

There’s also an animation school housed in the unit: CG Protégé Animation School.
After the tour, we went back to the auditorium, where Mr David gave us a presentation and showed us some work done by the students at the school. We were all pretty impressed!

If you’d like to know more about Tiny Island Productions, you can visit their website here; if you’d like to know more about CG Protégé Animation School, you can visit their website here!

Our team also went to IKEA before the studio visit, and then Marks & Spencer afterwards. Today, we went back to NYP. But we’ll save them for next time. (We’ve spilled some beans on Instagram, if you can’t wait!) 😛

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