BB: Believed Beliefs 101

Hello!!! 😀 We are team Believed Beliefs from CHIJ. St Nicholas Girl’s School and here’s our waaay overdue introduction.

We’re Believed Beliefs because our team leader, Hazel, suggested it and one simply does not question the team leader (or in this case, disagree with Hazel)

And now, introducing the people in this team!


[hey-zuh l] short for hazelnut. she’s the team leader and is hyperactive. she can’t seem to sit still for more than 1 minute. she cannot stand being bored and will annoy you to no end when bored. she also claims that she is the ‘most matured’ member and thinks that Constance and Lee Cheng are childish and have the mental age of a 5 year old.


[kon-stuh ns] also know as unicornstance/constarch/connie. she is the eldest in the team but is the most childish and the shortest. she eats quite a lot but sadly, she isn’t growing any taller. she has an unhealthy obsession with Disney and unicorns. she is also a socially awkward human.


[kai-lee] she is well-known for her blur-ness and she spaces out very often (we never know what she’s thinking about). she is bipolar at times; one moment she is quiet and the next moment, she can’t stop talking. she likes to bake but has never baked and cakes or cookies for us. she also loves My Little Pony very very much.


[lee-cheng] she is an awkward turtle and doesn’t like interacting with others a lot. she is addicted to books and is also childish like Constance. she is very berry good at art and has the potential to become a drawer artist.

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THAT’S ALL (for now) FOLKS!!! 🙂

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