Acrylics: Photoshoot :DDD

Heyyyy. We’re back with another update!

Last Thursday, we went for a photo-shoot at the NYP Lounge (the place where we will be for production) with our slaves talents, Aiman, Kevin and Ernest.


The tentage…

We arrived at NYP at around 10am and headed towards the lounge. The room was filled with a white tentage, and it was C.O.L.D. (please remember to bring a jacket. lest you wanna FREEZE to death) We were welcomed by the snacks table, with its display of an assortment of fooods (<3 london choco roll. sorry oreo). We’ll be spending loads of time there 😀 At one end of the tentage, there were the blue and green screens, with sets of intimidating lights and cameras.

While the other groups were finishing their shoot, we slacked with our talents patiently waited. kek. All of our talents are in Year 2, and soon, they’ll be famousss. We started our photoshoot at around 11.30am. Under the guidance of the man himself, Mr Jonathan, we managed to take the required shots. Soon, enough, we got the hang of it. It was pretty simple, as we only needed shot of their faces; the reason for this, we will not disclose. heh ;). Taking turns to snap those shots, we each had our fair share of experience. By around 1.10pm, we were done.

It was a cool experience working with the professional equipment and it was definitely a first for all of us. The first glimpse of the place we’ll be slogging working in for the next 3 weeks was pretty interesting as it was kinda different from what we had in mind (not that it was bad lol)

Photo 13-11-14 12 57 03 pm

Mr Model, Kevin.

After the photoshoot, we visited a studio, like a real professional studio where they make like Ben10 and stuff. That was pretty cool. But. we’ll save it for the next blog post. ;D

With tomorrow being the first day of production (*gasp* ermagerd), we’re really eager to share our adventures with you guys. So, stay tuned to more blog posts and remember to follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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(Sorry if this post come out pretty late xD)


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