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On the same day of the photoshoot (last thursday), we got the opportunity to visit a professional studio. The studio, Tiny Island Productions, is an independent Singapore-based company that produces 3D animations. We headed straight to their studio after having had our lunch at Nanyang Polytechnic (mmm.. tasty macs).


w    a    l    k      w    a    l   k      w   a   l   k

Arriving at the auditorium of the compound, we waited as the first half of the groups went for the studio visit. It was soon our turn.


On our tourrrr :DD

The studio seemed little smaller than we’d thought it’ll be. But maybe it’s ‘cos there were so many of us inside lel. We were introduced to the works they had created over the years, since their founding in 2002. The prominent ones include, Shelldon, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens, and Dream Defenders. Dream Defenders is aired on toggle where it’s free, and everyone loves free stuff. It was impressive that Cartoon Network (you.. you mean the Cartoon Network?!) noticed the talents of Tiny Island such that they were given the chance to work on the movie, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens. (3cool5u)


Works done by students of CG Protege. :O

Additionally, we found out that Tiny Island Productions was affiliated with CG Protégé Animation School. The school focuses on teaching computer graphics, with courses of around 2 years. We got to see images of the students works, like models and landscapes. It was all darn good.

Photo 13-11-14 3 32 46 pm

Images of Dream Defenders’ monstahs.

They had merchandise on display, ones from Dream Defenders and Ben10. Apparently, a large portion of the revenue from such animations come from the merch, like toys, shirts, models etc. (Perhaps tv is losing the influence it once had 😦 especially with the Internet grasping the limelight)

Photo 13-11-14 3 34 06 pm

Where the magic happens 😀

When we went into the studio itself, where the magic takes place, we managed to get a glimpse of what professional animating looks like. Basically rows of computers and personalised deskspace. Pretty neat.

When we returned to the auditorium, Mr David, founder of the company, showed us snippets of the works of students as well as animations created by the company. The students’ works were done as practice for this three aspects of CG, Visual Effects, Models, and Motion. (Oh, they also gave out Dream Defenders bookmarks) We were told that the logo was based off the shape of our island, that it represented Singapore in the animation market.

We’re really grateful to the organisers of this studio visit, both from NEmation and Tiny Island. We hope to be able to produce something at least a fraction of what they work on during our 3 weeks of production.

With tomorrow being the start of our production, we hope to be able to share the journey with you, so do look out for future blog posts! Do follow us on Twitter and Instagram to find out more!

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